Never before have the residents of one city acted together to end hunger in their community. How can your establishment become involved? It’s simple.



The only commitment for restaurant partners is to offer a system of rewards:


3 Round Ups: Free Cocktail


5 Round Ups: Free Dessert


10 Round Ups: $15 Off Next Bill

Staff Training

When a user redeems a reward, they are sent to a screen with a 10 minute countdown. After 10 minutes, the reward expires forever. When a staff member sees a live countdown screen they can give the patron their reward.

Spare sends monthly reports detailing how many rewards have been redeemed by patrons at your location for your records.


Spare Markets for Loyal Consumers

With Groupon or Living Social

Businesses mark down their prices up to 60% to get patrons through the door one time.

With the Spare App

Spare asks partner restaurants to reward only loyal clients. The patron is only awarded after visiting that same location 3 times in one month.

Promotion on Social Media


Users promote you by sharing their philanthropy on their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Maggie rounded up 53 cents to help feed 2 New Yorkers @YourRestaurantHere

Spare is about going out to New York’s finest restaurants and helping to feed hungry New Yorkers. We promote you heavily and frequently on Spare’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and (coming soon) Pinterest pages.